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Travellinck Going Green.

TravelLinck is proud to announce detailed reporting function on the CO2 emissions associated with flights, car hire and accommodation components of corporate travel.

TravelLinck�s CO2 calculator uses best practices from various international research organisations to provide a scientifically sound estimate of carbon emissions. According to Dr Roderick Ross, CEO of TravelLinck, �It has been great to incorporate
aspects of my training as a Chemical Engineer and Senior Scientist at an aerospace company in the USA to improve the quality of reporting that TravelLinck can now offer its corporate clients. We look forward to consulting with our clients on the most effective strategies for offsetting the carbon footprint associated with their business travel activities. Travel is a core component of the revenue generating activities of corporates. Using our detailed reporting, corporates can now budget accordingly to take into account a previously hidden component of their cost of sales�.

TravelLinck is very excited about this latest development and looks forward to playing a leading role in facilitating sustainable corporate travel.in facilitating sustainable corporate travel.

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